ADD-C3: An Integrated Solution for Enriched Situation Awareness for Surveillance Border Security

Nowadays, one of the most important aspects of European Countries is the need to adopt systems and solutions for guarding their territory against illegal activities such as smuggling, and terrorism demands and also for dealing with incidents of irregular migration. Such systems include reliable long-range threat detection and prevention technology that can operate anytime during the day and regardless of the weather conditions. Thus, border security and surveillance are a 24/7 operation that can’t afford downtime or periods of reduced readiness. The increased migratory pressures in Europe and the economy behind illegal activities, highlight the limitations of traditional surveillance and control centers to satisfy the needs and requirements of modern border control systems for homeland protection.

One of the main objectives of the proposed solution is the configuration and deployment of a state-of-the-art surveillance system capable of visualizing, monitoring and managing data sources and platforms. The surveillance system will be offered to the end-user through ADD-C3, a web-based Surveillance Command, Control and Coordination (C3). In the market (civilian or military) there is a variety of Command & Control systems especially developed to accompany surveillance sensors (e.g. the HMI for a radar system).  ADD-C3 can integrate a large amount of heterogeneous data sources providing a homogenized representation (visualization) of activity in a web-based HMI. Another novelty of the ADD-C3 surveillance and situation awareness solution is the capability to manage any level of operation (tactical, operational and strategic level) simultaneously. Based on the identity manager and different access rights, users can see the information that is related with their role.

In particular, ADD-C3 is a web-based HMI able to offer enhanced situational awareness – integrates and depicts information and data from a variety of sensors (including sensors monitoring and tracking of targets such as RADAR, E/O systems, Unmanned platforms, etc.), in a GIS environment, and has the ability to interface with third-party systems.

Another significant feature of the ADD-C3 surveillance system is the ability to coordinate (manage) the available resources including human resources, patrol units, machinery and last but not least, the Unmanned Aerial, Ground and Surface Vehicles (UxVs). Through the user interface, the aim is to provide tools to the operator (end-user) for automated and efficient management of such resources in order to optimize surveillance missions including target acquisition and designation, damage battle assessment, as well as enhancement of the operational safety of critical infrastructure and patrols.

The available features of ADD-C3 are listed below:

  • Integration of heterogeneous data sources
  • GIS Visualization
  • Integration with computational intelligence components (i.e. Video analytics, Acoustic Event Detection, etc.)
  • Data fusion and data management
  • Early warning and alerting mechanisms
  • Event management
  • Resource management and task allocation
  • Business intelligence and reporting mechanisms

User management and access rights