BorderUAS at the EFFECTOR VIP event of the French Trial at Toulon

The BorderUAS project was invited by SGMER, the coordinator of the EFFECTOR project, to attend the VIP day of the French Trial that was held on the 17th of May 2022 in the beautiful city of Toulon.

Representatives from KEMEA and VICOMTECH from the BorderUAS consortium were present and experienced a very well organized event with interesting presentations, demos and boat tours. The event attracted over 100 participants with various expertise such as security experts, Maritime Authorities, EC representatives , Policy Makers, Academia, Industry and LEAs from across Europe.  

Due to this occasion the two Horizon2020 funded projects (BorderUAS and EFFECTOR) strengthened their already established synergy, giving the chance of these two projects’ delegates to meet in person, exchange ideas and welcome further common activities. Peter Leskovksy, technical coordinator of the BorderUAS project talked with experts from EFFECTOR consortium, seeking insights on the EFFECTOR ontology and CISE functionality and potential.

This whole experience was also a good chance for BorderUAS consortium to get feedback and insights on how to organize a successful VIP event during its pilots which will be launched about this time next year.

Thank you EFFECTOR consortium and hopefully we will see some of you during our pilots as well.