BorderUAS on Cyprus Defence & Security Conference (CYPSEC) 2021 Nicosia

The BorderUAS project was presented to a variety of exhibitors and visitors by our consortium partner ADDITESS LTD during the Cyprus Defence & Security Conference (CYPSEC) 2021 Nicosia.

Cyprus Defence & Security Conference (CYPSEC) 2021 Nicosia took place on 4-5 October 2021, at Hilton Nicosia Hotel supported by the Deputy Minister of research, Innovation & Digital Policy and Cyprus Ministry of Defence. The aim of the CYPSEC 2021 conference is to present the capabilities and the existing solutions of the increasingly high technology in matters of defense and homeland security and to strengthen the effort of the Cypriot companies for networking and cooperation with international companies.

ADDITESS LTD highlighted that the BorderUAS project will combine for the first time a multi-role lighter-than-air (LTA) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with an ultra-high resolution multi-sensor surveillance payload supporting border surveillance as well as search & rescue applications, and specifically rough terrain detection. The objectives, the scope, the consortium partners and their specific roles were also clearly described to the audience.

During the event a Demo exhibition of the ADDITESS Command, Control & Coordination Mobile center took place in front of the HILTON Hotel at the VIP area, in order for the audience to better understand how the BorderUAS solution will be intergrated. ADD C3 is a Mobile Command, Control and Coordination Centre for the usage of i) ADDITESS’ Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and also ii) for the monitoring & responding to a crisis or security operations.

ADDITESS LTD as an exhibitor at the aforementioned conference had the chance to promote BorderUAS Solution to more than one hundred and fifty exhibitors and visitors of the conference, for each day, coming from various working areas (scientific, industry, leas, etc.).