BorderUAS in Italian TV RAI3

BorderUAS project was featured in the Italian TV – RAI3 channel – during the Regional news section. Ms Olimpia Masci, representative of DIAN, which is BorderUAS partner, was interviewed about the scope, the aim and the desired impact of the project.

The news reporter introduced the project to the audience stressing that BorderUAS was created with the purpose to increase the control and safety at the Eastern Europe borders with modern technological tools and an airship – not just a drone –  equipped with sensors and radars.

Ms Masci mentioned that the main goal of the project is the border surveillance in terms of rescuing migrants and detecting smuggling weapons, drugs and stolen vehicles.

Subsequently, reporter commented on the role of NGOs and Legal partners within the project who will work collaboratively to ensure the protection of human rights and personal data, regarding all parties involved.

DIAN, as Ms Masci mentioned, “will produce a radar as light as possible (a sophisticated solution). For that purpose, specific antennas, called Vivaldi, were selected, that will work in the L-band (so from 1 to 2 GHz) to be able to penetrate vegetation”.

The interview closed on referring to the development of the software and the usage of Labview.