Press Release: 1st Annual Progress Review Meeting

BorderUAS project achieved this summer one very significant milestone regarding its progress. On June 23rd , the 1st Progress Review meeting took place with the presence of the Project Officer, the two external experts reviewing the work done so far and the representatives of all 19 consortium partners.

All project’s achievements during the first twelve (12) months of the project, were presented on a result-based overview. During this online meeting, short videos, brief demos, explanatory presentations assisted the Project Officer and the Reviewers to get a better idea on the developments of BorderUAS. Fruitful discussions on different matters were the key for the Consortium partners to resolve pending issues and consequently accomplish the future work successfully to reach the desired objectives.

The general comments were very pleasing and encouraging for the results achieved so far. The coordinator and the partners are fully committed to the BorderUAS promised outcomes and even more hard work is foreseen for the upcoming months, keeping up the good results and making the project a great success.

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The Consortium

Coordinator: Vicomtech (ES) Partners: Hipersfera (HR), AVT (HR), DIAN (IT), DIRACS (SER), ADITESS (CY), TUC (GR) , IMP(SER), SIMAVI (RO), KEMEA (GR), Hellenic Police (GR), CDBP of Bulgaria (BG), IPTFT (RO), IGPF MAI (MD), SBGS of Ukraine (UKR), SBC of Belarus (BLR), Interakcia (BLR), MITLA (MT), FORTH (GR)


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