Press Release: 2nd Field Trial

In the Week of March 11-17, the BorderUAS affiliated Partners assembled in the City of Timisoara (Western Romania) to undertake the second, in a succession of three, field-trial in the framework of the EU-funded BorderUAS Project. Put into perspective, the 2nd field-trial strived to reinforce and re-evaluate the underlying R&D basis of BorderUAS, by demonstrating both the former’s technical novelties (via algorithm/component testing and data acquisition) as well as its resulting operational implementations (via Scenario conceptualization and execution). In the aftermath of six (6) rigorous and work intensive Pilot Days in the Operational Grounds of Timis County’s Capital, the BorderUAS Consortium comprising Companies (ADDITESS, AVT, DIAN, DIRACS, SIMAVI) Research Institutes (KEMEA, FORTH, TUC, VICOMTECH), NGOs (MITLA), & Border Police End-users (CDBP, HPO, IGPF MAI, ITPFT), were proud to announce that their joint efforts have yielded the following milestones, per BorderUAS related facet:

  • Software Perspective: In terms of back-end & front-end desk applications and algorithm designs, BorderUAS Technical Partners had recorded sustainable Progress in (a) testing the (back-end) dedicated functionalities touching upon detections, data pipelines, mining of incident-related Events, information-related geolocalizations & (b) the seamless Integration of all Software components into producing real-time, front-end, alerts and notifications for ultimately improving the End-users Awareness and Decision-support capacity directed at Law Enforcement Agencies (End-users).  
  • Hardware Perspective: In so far as Hardware deployment went, the recorded progress hinged on two (2) main factors: (a) the testing for the proper technical and operational functioning (i.e. Calibration, data transmission etc.) of Cameras and Sensors forming part and parcel of BorerUAS’ underlying infrastructure (Optical Cameras, IR, Hyperspectral, SAR & Acoustic Sensor as Proofs of Concept etc.), expected to lead up to (b) the Integration of all functioning Components for offering real-time, simultaneous multi-sensor based, data feed transmission from the Operational Grounds to the C2 (Command & Control) room by means of the newly established Ground Directional Antenna system (STRATOWAVE).
  • Operational Perspective: All of the above efforts put into Software & Hardware assemblance and testing, were eventually materialized in a sequence of operational scenario executions, involving the Integrated BorderUAS system in near real-life reenactments of inter-border activities that fall well within the scope of Border Police’s line of duty, such as illegal land border crossings, smuggling of contraband material, Search & Rescue missions etc.

In a nutshell, the technical test and scenario(s) executions that concluded the 2nd field-trial in Timisoara, led to a positive outcome both in terms of data accumulation for post-processing, as well as hands-on familiarization targeting the work and needs of End-users’ on-Site duties (i.e. border detections, tracking of Persons/vehicles/objects, Operational Area awareness etc.) en route to BorderUAS’ finalization with a third and final Pilot in N. Greece (May, 2024).

The Consortium

Coordinator: SIMAVI (RO), Partners: Vicomtech (ES), Hipersfera (HR), AVT (HR), DIAN (IT), DIRACS (SER), ADITESS (CY), TUC (GR) , IMP(SER), KEMEA (GR), Hellenic Police (GR), CDBP of Bulgaria (BG), IPTFT (RO), IGPF MAI (MD), SBGS of Ukraine (UKR), MITLA (MT), FORTH (GR)


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