Second Field Trial

On March 11-17, 2024 Center for Security Studies (KEMEA), as BorderUAS Field Trial Leader, participated and assisted in coordinating & carrying out the technical and operational proceedings, under the framework of the 2nd Field Trial of the project, which took place in Timisoara, Romania.

Put into perspective, the 2nd Field Trial strived to reinforce and re-evaluate the underlying R&D basis of BorderUAS, by demonstrating both the former’s technical novelties (via algorithm/component testing and data acquisition) as well as its resulting operational implementations (via Scenario conceptualization and execution).

In the aftermath of six (6) work intensive Pilot Days in the Operational Grounds of Timis County’s Capital, the BorderUAS Consortium comprising Companies (ADDITESS – Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd, AVT , DIAN s.r.l., DIRACS, SIMAVI Software Imagination & Vision) Research Institutions (Center for Security Studies (KEMEA), Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), Technical University of Crete, Vicomtech, NGOs (MITLA), & Border Police End-users (CDBP, Hellenic Police, IGPF MAI, ITPFT) efforts’ led to a positive outcome in terms of data accumulation for post-processing, as well as hands-on familiarization targeting the work and needs of End-users’ on-site duties.