BorderUAS has initiated clustering actions with the project FOLDOUT – Through Foliage Detection of Illegal Cross-Border Activities (GA no 787021).

On September 2020, the project coordinator received a warm welcome to present BorderUAS to the FOLDOUT consortium highlighting common objectives and potential areas of cooperation.
Currently, both consortia are under discussions to set the baseline and the common ground for a collaboration; all the relevant updates on this progress will be featured in the BorderUAS news.


ROBORDER aims to implement a heterogenous robot system with detection skills for early recognition of criminal activity at the border and along the coast, as well as marine pollution occurrences.


METICOS aims to create an up-to-date acceptance classification scheme as well as a societal and ethical impact dashboard of border control technologies, to empower three major sub-divisions of the wider border control sector: travelers, border control authorities and service providers.
As a result of the new collaboration with METICOS, BorderUAS is now a member of the H2020 Border External Security Cluster.


EFFECTOR offers an Interoperability Framework and associated Data Fusion and Analytics services for Maritime Surveillance and Border Security. EFFECTOR enhances the current state of art, by improving the decision support process, and fostering collaboration of maritime stakeholders from local, regional and transnational level. With EFFECTOR, new events are detected faster, decision making is enhanced, while a joint understanding and undertaking of a situation is achieved across borders. EFFECTOR allows a seamless cooperation between the operating authorities and on-site intervention forces, through a secure and privacy protected network.