BorderUAS project at the TECNOSEC Exhibition in Madrid

TECNOSEC – Exhibition & Congress of High Police, Security and Intelligence Technologies took place in Madrid on the 26th and 27th of April 2023. This year’s focus was on AI in viseosurveillance and use of drones.

Our consortium partner Vicomtech participated as an exhibitor and presented the general activities of the BorderUAS project and in particular, the activities developed by Vicomtech related to intelligent security video analytics and digital security within the project. TECNOSEC attracted a specialized and motivated audience, closely related to high security and intelligence technologies, creating a very knowledgeable ecosystem relevant to the topics and markets addressed in the project BorderUAS. As such, the exchange and face-to-face communication with customers allowed to showcase the benefits of the proposed solution in a more efficient and targeted way.

BorderUAS gained some significant visibility in this exhibition that gathered more that 3500 visitors from around the world. You can find more about the TECNOSEC at