Third Field Trial Workshop

We are excited to announce that the 3rd Field Trial Workshop of BorderUAS successfully took place in Orestiada, Evros regional unit of Thrace, Greece.

The Workshop took place on the 22nd of May, 2024 in parallel with the 3rd Field Trial execution activities.

Thank you to all attendees for their participation.

Special thanks to Hellenic Police for hosting the Workshop at the local HPO Headquarters in Orestiada.

The two-week preparatory phase of the 3rd Pilot, which served to introduce its operational counterpart, laid the groundwork for scenario execution, involving payload assemblance tasks, as well as workflow integration procedures and technical testing.

The necessary actions for the BorderUAS 3rd Pilot are supported by the project’s Technical Partners & End-users from four (4) countries, namely HPO (Greece), CDBP (Bulgaria), IGPF MAI (Moldova), ITPFT (Romania), with necessary operational cases involved in the testing and the evaluation of the innovative BorderUAS solution.