BorderUAS represented by TUC was featured at the IEEE International Conference

During 17-19/10, 2023 Dr. Marios Antonakakis and colleagues from Technical University of Crete (TUC) and Foundation for Research and Technology – HELLAS (FORTH), two of the main technical partners of the BorderUAS project participated in the IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems & Techniques in Copenhagen (Denmark). During the conference the TUC team presented three very interesting studies parts of which stem from the research conducted and implemented in BorderUAS project regarding real-time object and fire detection. The three studies as featured in the conference titled as follows:

  1. A Two-Phase ResNet for Object Detection in Aerial Images
  2. Comparing YOLO-based detectors for Pedestrian and Car Detection in Aerial Static Video: An Evaluation of Generalization Capacity and Performance
  3. Wildforest Fire Detection with ShRe-Xception Network on Aerial Optical and Infrared Images

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