BorderUAS online End-User’s Workshops on User Requirements & Scenarios Elaboration


The BorderUAS consortium, along with the border guard authorities, organized two online workshops on Wednesday 9/12 and Tuesday 15/12. Their overall scope was to ensure that the design and layout of the BorderUAS system, as well as the implementation of the BorderUAS system, was compatible with all the operational needs and challenges facing the EU border region. This was done through the participation of border guard authorities to assess, refine and finalize the use cases, scenarios and end-user requirements concerning BorderUAS system.

The workshops were conducted in a roundtable format in a virtual environment, allowing end-users to express their needs and comment on the current work carried out during the development of the project.

Fruitful discussions on the refining and finalization of end-user requirements were carried out during the first workshop, enabling the technical partners to adapt these needs to technical specifications.

Participants focused on use cases and scenarios on the second day. The main objective of this second workshop was to classify, through pilot position, the scenarios of interest (Belarus-Ukraine, Romania-Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria-Greece) and to refine all those listed by the consortium.

In conclusion, the main issues from the discussions at the workshops will feed into the technical requirements and design of the BorderUAS framework, which will mark the next steps in the development of the proposed solution. Besides that, this preliminary work will form the foundation of the assessment process to be established in order to evaluate the final solution in operational real-life environments.