Workshop – Zagreb

BorderUAS affiliated partners are delighted to announce that last week saw their participation in back-to-back workshops held in physical presence/hybrid mode at two separate locales in the city of Zagreb.

BorderUAS consortium members assembled on 14-15 March in the context of the 2nd Integration Workshop to discuss the progress of payload integration onto HSF’s UAV platform prototype.

Consortium partners shared their time between delivering articulate presentations in the conference room and occupying themselves with hands-on integration work at HSF’s premises where the UAV prototype is being assembled.

Following the 2-day integration workshop, on 16 March, WP6 leaders of KEMEA chaired the 2nd LEAs’ workshop (on-site) that assembled project’s end-users to take them step-by-step through the mechanisms & scenarios partaking to the 3 ensuing field-trials in place to test the readiness of the UAV solution.

All in all, BorderUAS affiliates concluded that conference sessions and on-site integration work partook significantly in gap identification, further task delegation, and end-user preparation as BorderUAS project is about to enter its final phase with the staging of the three (3) ensuing field-trials.